by Beddington Heights

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You think you’re lost?
Imagine losing everything.
What is this place?
What am i so afraid of?
Do I change?
There is no time.
I’ve waited so long.

Terra Nullius is an ancient law that permits and encourages the ongoing process of international colonization. Directly translated - “Nobody’s Land” - the concept allows for the destruction, occupation and appropriation of land, developing a relationship of ownership and dominance that gradually destroys an ecosystem which often includes human populations which have adapted over vast periods of time to be alive and in harmony with that particular ecosystem.

The loss of ecological diversity is happening at a faster rate than ever before. Mass extinctions are being well documented as the simultaneous mass loss of language and traditional cultures goes on mostly unnoticed. Those who are concerned with these realities are often dismissed as being delusional, selfish dreamers romanticizing something they don’t understand. To be confused and to seek answers is met with impatient criticism. Blame becomes the focus. The questions are buried under the arguments. The age of distraction moves on.

What’s worse is that so much of what’s happening today is dismissed as having already happened. In a “post colonial” era, the industrial revolution is continuing to sink it’s teeth into a world divided by borders defined by racist doctrine, violent revolutions and colonial beneficiaries. The state of the world has become such a complex topic that traditional ethics, logic and morality all seem to fall short.

The inter-dependency of humans and nature remains constant. The realities of love, vitality, beauty, meaning, connection, compassion are a part of the fluid dynamic experience of life alongside the horror that continues daily.

How do we let the answers emerge through our lives?


released July 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Beddington Heights Calgary, Alberta

Anthemic Lo-Fi Instrumental Music from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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